About me

I am a  mother of 2 with 4 grands and I am very proud of all concerned. 

 I do so love to watch and read about Paula Deen. She is my inspiration. I  hope   to someday  be almost as good as she is, If not  as  good. Ha! I know I am probably dreaming but………..

I started baking at age 9.  Always loved baking  and cooking.  I did practice while Mom was at work. Usually , making more of a mess than anything else at first but, never-the-less, I did it ! I tried the treats  out on my my three brothers. They would say,  “sis, you poisoned us.” The funny thing was, they ate them anyway. Imagine That!

Then, I started entering contests and winning. Oh, my goodness, I was in Heaven. No doubt about it.  So proud .  Mom was too.  I think she took a lot of the praise, I didn’t say anything though. I am glad she did.

Today I bake a lot. From cakes to pies to cookies. Being known now for the baking, I am glad to claim the title.

I am writing today about the German Chocolate Cake Recipe. And if  you would like it to see it go to my blogroll at:

https://kygirl.wordpress.com/about/  I am most pleased to share this recipe with you. I sincerely hope you do enjoy making the Fabulous German Chocolate Cake as much as I do!


To receive    more of my DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE , or to receive the Ebook, click here:    http://chocolate.pattys-cake.net ; I am Confident –“You” will Love them. 


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    Am I doing something wrong here

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