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My First Blue Ribbon

September 23, 2007

I had just entered my beautiful Made-From Scratch Chocolate Cake  in the county fair.   I was so very excited —just to say it was there.  I was only 17,  but very proud. Mom even said it , the cake, turned out well.  Juding was not to be until the next morning at .  I was so very anxious. The first place winner would win, the ribbon- blue.,of course, a ten pound bag of flour and $10.00 and get the name in the local paper, notifying everyone of my winnings.  Everyone said the prize has really  changed over the years.

Well, I couldn’t sleep the entire night. Walked the floor and suddenly, the sun popped out and it was the most wonderful day. I got into my car and went to the fair-grounds to see who the Big Winner was.

I really didn’t think I would win, but, I must’ve stood there just gauking .  Finally, someone said, “Hey, Patty, come look!” Oh, my goodness could this be?  My cake had the Blue Ribbon on it. They, my friends, could have knocked me over with a feather. I was in shock. They couldn’t wait to tell others. They told it before I could. Oh well, Guess they had to tell something good.

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